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THE DOORS: “L.A. Woman” (Elektra) Review

Published in Melody Maker The best album The Doors have ever done was put out a couple of months ago. It was called “13” and it was a compilation essentially of their singles and a few others cuts. In fact, it might have been re-titled “The Doors Greatest Hits.” In a way, it was an unwise move to release it, because it only served to point out the poverty of Read More …

The Doors

Doors still open on hard rock

By Mike Jahn The Doors have a new album out called “L.A. Woman”, and it is a continuation of their tend back to the hard rock of their birth. “L.A. Woman” [Elektra] is nearly all blues. The first album the Doors produced themselves; it is stark, bare and simple; it is more driving and rocking than ever their last record, “Morrison Hotel,” which was considered a step from mysticism back Read More …


The Doors – ‘L.A. Woman’ Review

By Pat Patrick Just to begin, I’d like to say that I am and have been for quite a while, one of those sock-em-and bop-em, tried and true, Doors fans. Even more to the point, I am an even more devoted Jim Morrison fan. (I Love Him!) And how, I am going to write a horrible scathing review of the Doors’ new album, L.A. WOMAN. It is always with great Read More …