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JAMES DOUGLAS MORRISON (December 8, 1943-JULY 3, 1971)

Do you know the warm progress under the stars! Do you know we exits? Have you forgotten the keys to the Kingdom Have you been borne yet & are you alive? An American Prayer, copyright James Douglas Morrison, 1970 Jim Morrison looked his life like a movie. A subtle fantasy in which he was both hero and villian. He was the hitchhiker who becomes the mass murderer. The Christ who Read More …


Doors Can Provide Instant Enlightenment Through Sex

Published in the Los Angeles Free Press BY GENE YOUNGBLOOD The Doors’ new album, “Strange Days,” is a landmark in rock music. It ventures beyond the conventional realm of musical expression: it has become the theater. The cruel theater of Artaud, and of “Marat/Sade.” The theater of shock, and of McClure’s “The Beard.” The theater of the absurd, Grand Guignol in electronic shrieks. The erotic demons of Bosch wiggling across Read More …