John Densmore Reminisces About 1966 with the LA Times

Read the entire article at the LA Times. What’s the most innovative  year ever for rock ’n’ roll? Fans, critics and academics have any number of watershed years they can point to in the more than six decades of post-World War II popular music broadly defined as rock. There’s 1954, the year Bill Haley & His Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock” signaled the flashpoint of rock ’n’ roll, and Elvis Presley first Read More …


What’s the difference between jazz and experimental rock?

“There are similarities and there are differences. The main similarity is the improvisation; the main difference is probably in the beat. Rock ‘n’ roll is much harder and more straight – hard 4/4, you know – and jazz gets into 3/4 and other things.” –John Densmore explaining the difference between Jazz and Experimental Rock to Hullabaloo, December 1968.


John Densmore Remembers “Dances With Wolves” Writer Michael Blake

He told me that some Nevada cowboys sent him a couple death threats after his “own” count of how many wild Mustangs were left. He used his Dances dough to fly over in a helicopter and what he came up with was about half of the “official” count. The two of us had paid for a couple of giant billboards at crucial entry points to the state where residents don’t pay any Read More …