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Love/Death/Travel Box Set [3 CD + 1 DVD]


Jim Morrison said it best when he proclaimed in a 1967 interview that “All of our songs are about love, death, and travel.”

Love/Death/Travel is a beautifully packaged, specially compiled 3-CD + 1-DVD boxed set. Disc A contains The Doors’ strongest singles and anthemic songs that the whole world knows and loves. Discs B and C contain favorites hand picked by the surviving Doors.

Also included are a hand-signed lithograph of Jim Morrison, created especially for Love/Death/Travel by noted artist Shepard Fairey, a/k/a OBEY/GIANT, and four photos -- one of each band member -- photographed by Joel Brodsky in 1967 (the same sessions that produced Brodsky’s iconic “Young Lion” Jim Morrison shot).

The CDs and artwork are housed in a hardcover folio book within a die-cut, foil-stamped rigid slipcase, made of simulated lizard skin.

The DVD captures, in a four-minute vignette of vintage live footage, the magic, the power, and the genius of The Doors as a performing band. The montage is followed by three tracks remixed by contemporary artists -- “L.A. Woman” (Paul Oakenfold), “Roadhouse Blues” (Crystal Method), and “Break On Through (To The Other Side)” (BT) -- as well as three tracks mixed in 5.1 Surround by Doors engineer/coproducer Bruce Botnick -- “Hello, I Love You,” “The Unknown Soldier,” and “Riders On The Storm.”