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The Doors Debut Album Is Still One Of The Most Dangerous Ever

Read the full piece in the Observer. One glance at the cover of The Doors’ debut album and you knew the summer of love was over and the flower children were headed straight for the sanitarium. These Doors, as drummer John Densmore later quipped, were clearly “unhinged.” Ray Manzarek carried the stern countenance of a Protestant preacher, hunched over the keyboard driving Jim Morrison into new, uncharted realms as he delivered psychedelic Read More …


The Doors: London Fog 1966 review – embryonic sound of stars in the making

  Read the four-star review at The Guardian. Many of the countless Doors live albums are far from essential, but this one feels genuinely important. The recently discovered 1966 audience recording from a gig at the Los Angeles club London Fog captures the band in their lesser-known embryonic period. Their sound is already in place and Jim Morrison is on the verge of becoming the Lizard King, using the near-empty Read More …

Melody Maker

THE DOORS: “L.A. Woman” (Elektra) Review

Published in Melody Maker The best album The Doors have ever done was put out a couple of months ago. It was called “13” and it was a compilation essentially of their singles and a few others cuts. In fact, it might have been re-titled “The Doors Greatest Hits.” In a way, it was an unwise move to release it, because it only served to point out the poverty of Read More …

LA Woman


The album has an original cover. It is the top of a pair of jeans with a gimmick zipper done by Andy Warhol. You grab the zipper with trebling hands, and pull down slowly to reveal OH NO! It’s Jim Morrison! Why you sly dog, you, Jim, and after all the trouble you’ve been through! Warm blooded animals seem to loath reptilian forms of life. That might have been the Read More …


The Doors – ‘L.A. Woman’ Review

By Pat Patrick Just to begin, I’d like to say that I am and have been for quite a while, one of those sock-em-and bop-em, tried and true, Doors fans. Even more to the point, I am an even more devoted Jim Morrison fan. (I Love Him!) And how, I am going to write a horrible scathing review of the Doors’ new album, L.A. WOMAN. It is always with great Read More …


The Doors and All That Rock

Published in the New York Times By DON HECKMAN MORRISON HOTEL: The Doors. (Elektra EKS- 750070 The Doors have shown remarkably little inclination toward change in their years on top of the pop heap. The elements of their music are still basically the same as when “Light My Fire” seemed to herald the arrival of a genuinely original new rock style. Ray Manzarek’s keyboard gymnastics, Robbie Krieger’s discreet guitar and, Read More …


Doors: “Waiting For The Sun” Review

Published in NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS Third album from this American underground group who have recently surfaced over here with their “Hello I Love You” single. That is among the 11 Doors penned and arranged tracks but is hardly representative. None of the tracks can be faulted: Jim Morrison is one of the best vocalists in the business and writes some penetrating lyrics to atmospheric backings from Ray Manzarek (keyboard), Bobby Read More …


‘Strange Days’ Review – Rolling Stone

Published in Rolling Stone The Doors are an amazing group. Each of them are highly competent and talented musicians, yet music is only secondary to what they are doing. They are violently anti-commercial in their stance and their approach and yet the finished product is highly commercial. And it would also appear that vocalist Jim Morrison is making a direct appeal to the pubescent market, but upon closer examination, it Read More …