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Scream of the Butterfly

The more I would listen to their music, the more captivated and amazed I became by them.

Gina Frusciano

Scream of the Butterfly

by Gina Frusciano

The Doors are a band that forever will be known for changing the face of Rock and Roll. The unique sound of these four guys in no way, can ever be copied. The talent and genius lyrics of this band impacted so many lives, including mine. The song, “When the Music’s Over,” particularly has a way of speaking to its fans in a form that was unseen, and absolutely hypnotizing to its faithful audience.

The haunting, beautiful craft of this song expressed the true, yet deep thought of the human mind. Each listener takes with them the meaning of the lyrics in their own way. The amazing, in depth sound, with the captivating playing of the keyboard, drums, guitar, and Jim’s voice were sometimes chaotic, but all in some way, made sense and went along perfectly. As the music starts, you can feel the anticipation and power building, as Ray plays the keyboard getting everything started. Then, John starts pounding on the drums, Robby is jamming on his guitar, and finally, Jim comes in with his iconic scream.

The Doors as a whole are a band that has changed my life, and my way of thinking about life, all together. Their music is filled with such honesty, in a way that I feel, spoke to me directly. I remember hearing popular Doors’ songs on the radio when I was a young girl, and being intrigued by the different sound of Ray, Robby, John, and Jim’s intoxicating, deep voice. I had never heard anything like it before. As I grew older, my understanding and love for this band’s music grew greatly. “When the Music’s Over,” is a song that shows that music, is that one thing that is always there. In your darkest times, and also in you’re greatest. Music is there by your side, “Until the end.”

As my love, or I guess you can say, “obsession” grew for The Doors, they have become my go to band. By the time I hit eighteen, I had become a devoted Doors fan. People are very surprised when they hear me talk about how The Doors are my favorite band, because I’m only twenty-one years old. The more I would listen to their music, the more captivated and amazed I became by them. I remember sitting on the floor in my room with “When the Music’s Over” playing, and I would just get lost in the music, singing along to every word, going along with the rhythm and beat of the song. Just like Jim, and the rest of the band would do when they played "When the Music's Over."

They make you feel like you are right there with them. You could tell that they all were just letting the music and lyrics take them away. You could always tell even if you’re watching on the television, or listening to a record, that Jim, Robby, Ray, and John were all on the same page, but completely rocking out in their own worlds. This is definitely something you can pick up in “When the Music’s Over” for sure. This is one factor that made this song so iconic.

I continue to be amazed by the way Ray would flow over the keys, making it look so easy. Hunched over, eyes closed, bobbing his head along with the beat, as his hands would move with so much speed over the keys. Robby’s bottleneck slide along the guitar, and John’s drumming tying it all together is what makes this song so unique and interesting. Every sound from each member of the band, flow together perfectly. While playing this memorable song, it was easy to tell that Jim would have the ultimate freedom while preforming. Along with Ray, Robby, and John. They would just let themselves run free with the melodies and rhythms of  “When the Music’s Over.”

The Doors music, lyrics, and Jim’s poetry, have shown me and intensified my love for writing. Also, has shown me that I too, have a deep interest in poetry. It has in a way, shown me how you really just have to let your mind flow, with no judgment, and to let yourself tap in the areas of your mind that you may have not have known existed while writing. Also, the music and lyrics in general, have truly helped me in a way understand things about myself, and to accept and not be afraid of life. That’s what the Doors music is to me. It’s an escape, a comfort, and just all around great music, that’s rhythms and sound between four talented band members, have become one of my most cherished, and absolute favorite bands.


The more I would listen to their music, the more captivated and amazed I became by them.

Gina Frusciano

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