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Felt Forum Show Review - New York Times

The Doors Draw Active Audience. Rock Group's Singer Has to Be Saved From Fans.

The Doors, the Los Angeles rock group, fought off repeated assaults by young members of their audience Saturday evening as it played its first New York concert in a year.

"Morrison Hotel" - The Rolling Stone Review

Morrison Hotel opens with a powerful blast of raw funk called "Roadhouse Blues." It features jagged barrelhouse piano, fierce guitar, and one of the most convincing raunchy vocals Jim Morrison has ever recorded.

"Soft Parade" - The Rolling Stone Review

A front page ad in Billboard says it: "Initial orders promise it will attain the instant solid gold status of their first three albums." It looks like it will, but not because anyone listened to the record.

"Waiting For The Sun" - The Rolling Stone Review

One night recently the Mothers were performing "Plastic People Louie Louie" when Frank Zappa stumbled onto the monologue that graces "The End" ("he took a face from the ancient gallery and he walked on down the hall ...").

Waiting For The Sun Recording Sessions - Photo Shoot

In February of 1968, The Doors went into T.T.G. Recording Studios in Hollywood, newly equipped with state of the art 16-track recording capabilities, and begin recordings for their third album Waiting For The Sun.

"Strange Days" The Rolling Stone Review

The Doors are an amazing group. Each of them are highly competent and talented musicians, yet music is only secondary to what they are doing. They are violently anti-commercial in their stance and their approach, and yet the finished product is highly commercial.

The Doors Review - Crawdaddy!

Very few people have the balls to talk about "rock and roll" anymore. Revolver made it difficult. Between the Buttons, Smile, and the Doors lp are making it impossible. "Pop music" is definable only by pointing at a current chart; the Doors are not "pop," they are simply "modern music".