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The Doors Play Again in an Encore for the iPad

A new iPad app chronicling the rock legends the Doors has all the bells and whistles you would expect of electronic entertainment in 2013: immersive multimedia, cloud integration with iTunes, a ready connection to Facebook.

The Singles Box Japan Edition

The Singles Box Japan Edition is the CD reproduction of all vinyl singles released by The Doors between 1967 and 1972.  As four of 18 US singles were never released in Japan, the singles box includes 14 singles.  Strictly speaking, this is the first time 17 of

The Doors Release Exclusive 7" For Record Store Day 2013

The Doors are proud to once again be a part of Record Store Day on April 20 with a special 7" release in the Warner "Side By Side" series. Side A is The Doors' "Soul Kitchen" and Side B includes X's cover of the song, produced by Ray Manzarek.

The Doors Infinite Vinyl Box Set

Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds bring you The Doors — the band's six Morrison-era albums, all 45 RPM double LPs, in a box set. Box sets limited to 2,500 numbered copies each on 200-gram vinyl; also available on Multichannel Hybrid SACD!

"Moonlight Drive" Performance From "Live at the Bowl '68"

On 5 July 1968 The Doors took to the stage of the Hollywood Bowl for a concert that has since passed into legend. The Doors were performing on the back of their 3rd album release "Waiting For The Sun" and the US No.1 single "Hello, I Love You".

Remastered Vinyl

Take a look at the work that went into the making of the audiofile remastered vinyl versions of The Doors. This is one of the biggest releases ever from Analogue Productions — surpassing in every way, every reissue from this influential band to date!

Strange Days Jim Morrison's Acid Visions

Jim Morrison has been dead just over forty years, The Doors haven’t existed as a band since 1973, yet The Doors are still a relevant and a vibrant presence today.

The Spirit Of Jim Helps Expose Rupert Murdoch

For years, Tom Watson has worked to uncover the truth about News International but, he tells Stephen McGinty, it has taken a personal toll

Life Magazine Remembers The Doors 1968

Reflecting the uncertain, tumultuous era in which it was made, much of the popular music of 1968 was moody, trippy, obtuse — and, not surprisingly, utterly confounding to most of the men and women who worked at LIFE magazine.

2012 L.A. Woman - Kenny Anderson, Alex Olson, Braydon Szafranski

Professional skateboarders Kenny Anderson, Alex Olson, and Braydon Szafranski take viewers on a "Doors-centric" skateboarding tour of Los Angeles.