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Live At The Aquarius Theatre - Second Performance

JUL 21 1969
Hollywood, CA
The Aquarius Theatre
Show Notes: 

This is the third of these titles recorded at the Aquarius Theatre in Hollywood, California. A 33-track 2-CD set of the complete show mixed and mastered from the original multitracks stored in The Doors archive and presented unedited and in its entirety just as you would have heard it if you were sitting front row center.
An Excerpt From Danny Sugerman's Notes:
It is my opinion that on a good night Morrison was the rock 'n' roll equivalent of the brilliant and crazed Russian ballet dancer, Nijinsky. He was literally possessed by a force he could somehow tap into once the band started playing and the spotlight hit him. Words like "mesmerizing," "hypnotic," "horrifying," "ecstatic," and "otherworldly" all apply here.

And it was reputation, and of course the hit singles, several of which are contained here, that inevitably led to the bigger auditoriums. Bill Graham once told the band "You can't share shit in those barns" in an attempt to keep them at the smaller-sized Fillmore. But with Jim giving each performance everything he had, and because the demand for tickets was so high, it simply made more sense to do what so many other bands had done, and that was to graduate from the Fillmore Auditoriums to larger halls and play one show instead of six.

Live albums had become a big money maker about this period and rather than force out their upcoming studio material, The Doors consented to Elektra Records' request to record the band in concert. It seemed a natural, The Doors, one of the best concert performers of their era, captured on tape.

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7 months 2 weeks ago in Live At The Aquarius Theatre - Second Performance

amazing show. wish i had been there.


7 months 2 weeks ago

I hear form folks who went there...said it was unreal

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