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Waiting For The Sun - 40th Anniversary [CD]

Brand new 40th Anniversary mixes of Waiting For The Sun, featuring "Not to Touch the Earth", "Spanish Caravan" and "Five to One".

Track List: Hello, I Love You, Love Street, Not To Touch The Earth, Summer's Almost Gone, Wintertime Love, The Unknown Soldier, Spanish Caravan, My Wild Love, We Could Be So Good Together, Yes, The River Knows, Five To One.

Bonus Tracks: *Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor, *Not to Touch the Earth [Dialogue], *Not to Touch the Earth [Take 1], *Not to Touch the Earth [Take 2], *The Celebration Of The Lizard.

Album Details

Release Date: July 11, 1968
Elektra/ Asylum

The third studio album by The Doors. It was released in 1968 and became the band's first and only number one album and spawned their second US number one single, "Hello, I Love You". It also became the band's first hit album in the UK, where it peaked at #16 in the chart. With the exception of two songs, the material for this album was written after the band's initial songs from the formation of the group had been recorded for their debut album and second album, Strange Days.

The highlight of this album was supposed to be the lengthy theatrical piece "Celebration of the Lizard", but in the end only the "Not to Touch the Earth" section was used. The song "Waiting for the Sun" would not appear on an album until Morrison Hotel.


All selections written, arranged and performed by THE DOORS.
Douglas Lubahn, occasional bass.  On The Unknown Soldier, Kerry Magness plays bass.  On Spanish Caravan, Leroy Vinegar plays acoustic bass and Douglas Lubahn plays electric bass.

© Copyright Nipper Music Co., Inc. Public performance cleared through ASCAP.

THE doors
RAY MANZAREK keyboards

Produced by PAUL A. ROTHCHILD 
Production Supervisor: JAC HOLZMAN
Art Direction & Design: WILLIAM S. HARVEY
Front cover photo: PAUL FARRARA
Back cover photo: GUY WEBSTER 

Lyrics to a theatre composition by The Doors
Copyright © 1968 by Nipper Music Co., Inc.
All rights reserved. Public performance cleared through ASCAP.


ELEKTRA RECORDS, 1855 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10023
Printed in U.S.A.

Also Playable on Mono Phonographs



  1. The group, as always, is tight: Manzarek does some nice things on keyboards and Krieger acquits himself quite capably on guitar

  2. I managed to get into the sessions most everyday, sometimes bringing Jim fom wherever he ended up the night before.

    Paul Ferrar

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1 year 3 weeks ago

in "hello i love you" use the piano fender bass?

1 year 3 weeks ago

en "hello i love you" se uso el fender piano bass?