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Full Circle [Download]

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Release Date: August 15, 1972

Released in 1972. It is the second album after Jim Morrison's death, and would be the last album they would compile until 1978's An American Prayer. The album includes "The Mosquito", the last hit single by the band.

Keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger provided lead vocals on the album. Also, unlike their earlier work, bassists were used collaboratively on every track.


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1 year 1 month ago

I have "Full Circle" with an error, and it may be a "one-of-a-kind" rarity. The label on Side 2 has the butterfly, the word "Elektra", and the proper background - but no track listing, and "The Doors" is missing. It is essentially blank, save for the other things mentioned. There is no rim-text of any sort either (such as copyright info, etc.). I'll likely get a video up of me turning the disc, for comparison of the Side 1 and Side 2 labels. Cover is VG++, and record is NM. This is an original issue, with the cover opening INSIDE the gatefold, at the spine. Re-issues were gatefold, with the opening at the outside (on the right, as you hold the front cover in the closed position). If anyone has questions, observations, or can point to Doors experts for contact, I welcome those. David

1 year 2 months ago

I'd love to see this and Other Voices released on CD or even have these 2 LPs remastered on 180 gram vinyl to complete the upgraded vinyl set! Come on, who doesn't want to see that zoetrope insert and the cool outer jacket artwork all restored? I love the song It Slipped My Mind in particular and play it on guitar at home all the time...

1 year 2 months ago


I was really glad to see this album available for fans.  It really shows the direction the band took after Jim died.  My favorite track from this album is The Mosquito, lead vocals by Robby Krieger.  For those of you who went to see Robby perform in the '90s when he was touring with his own band, they always included this song, and the entire audience would sing along.  Good times..  One other interesting factoid is that one of the B-side singles never made it onto the album because the band thought it was a bit "too comercial".   Here is a link to that song.. "Tree Trunk":