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IF any of you have twitter...feel free to follow me


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Where are you blocked?? I see your posts here

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i'm one of the first 10 people to be here and they block me from posting...rediculous

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yes for some reason its not letting me make a post only comment

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Hey Nancy! Are you blocked here on this site? Odd!

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since I AM BLOCKED..I will post here...
On this day in 1971, The Doors release L.A. Woman. Their last recorded album with lead singer Jim Morrison

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1 year 1 month ago in Steve Paul's The Scene

In 1967, Colin Beard was lucky enough to photograph The Doors live at the Scene in New York. Thanks to Colin for allowing us to share his photos with the fans. Here is Colin's story of what went down..

"Lilian wanted us to go to the ‘Electric Light’ Disco that was the all the rage in New York, particularly for those involved in the Pop scene. She also wanted me to meet a female ‘Pop’ photographer called Lyn Eastman. Lilian thought that Lyn and I, both being photographers, both involved in the Pop scene were bound to hit it off so she made a date for us to meet at the Disco. On the way to the Disco with Lily and Lilian, I learned that Lyn Eastman was the daughter of George Eastman, the Eastman-Kodak magnate which for some reason made me feel anxious. Perhaps it wasn't so surprising - I was on my way to a blind date with a girl who was not only conspicuous as a photographer in the biggest arena of all, but she possessed a family name that was synonymous with photography.
Lyn was already at the Disco when we arrived, surrounded by friends or contacts, chattering breathlessly, hailing familiar people across the darkly lit floor. Lilian introduced me as “Australia’s leading Pop photographer - been in London for four months - photographed absolutely every body, darling - ‘The Stones’, ‘The Who’. Absolutely brilliant, darling - you two should have lots in common.”
Lyn was a tall girl with a pale complexion and a thatch of blonde hair tied back like a bale of straw with a ribbon. It was noisy in the Disco, records playing full volume with boosted bass and people shouting ever louder to make themselves heard. It was not a good time to get to know a stranger. After the initial introduction, she barely looked at me again. I watched her eyes dart excitedly from person to person and her red painted lips like a caricatured puppet chatter silently and it all felt like an hallucination. I wandered off. I lost myself amid the bubbling disco lights and watched the people dancing.
Suddenly, the music stopped and the babbling voices seemed to dissolve into an unnatural silence which I initially suspected was the effects of the cannabis smoke that hovered pungently around my nose. There was an announcement over the PA system, but it made little sense to me but I noticed that clusters of people were sidling across the dance floor and sitting cross-legged in front of the low stage.
The lights went down until it was almost pitch black but I could make out dark shapes shuffle onto the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen - the Electric Light Company presents - the latest New York sensation - ‘The Doors”.
The shriek of the electric guitars pierced the darkness, bringing with it flashes of vibrant blue light. A lithe figure towered over me his snake-like hips strangely twisted and wrapped around the microphone stand.
‘They say that it would be untrue,
They say that I would be a liar.
If I was to say to you,
Baby come on light my fire.
The singer’s face was almost lost within a mass of dark curly hair flowing down to his shoulders and hidden behind the microphone which he hugged in both hands, caressing it to his lips like the face of woman he was about to kiss. I was conscious of the girl sitting beside me, her mouth agape and her chest heaving conspicuously. “Who is he?” I shouted to her.
“She leaned over and yelled directly into my ear. “Jim Morrison - isn't he fabulous?” She began bouncing on her crossed legs and so did I. The singer had his arms around the microphone, fondling the long metal stand. He was astride it, rubbing himself against it, moaning to it, screaming at it with the ferocity of a man trying to release a passion too painful to bear. “Baby let me light your fire,” he screamed through the microphone. The girl next to me was certainly on fire. She threw herself at me, flinging her arms around my head, hugging my face into her breasts and squeezing me like a tube of toothpaste. I could feel her groans reverberating inside her. “Let me set the world on fie-ere”.
Jim Morrison left the stage as mysteriously as he had appeared, leaping into the adjoining darkness in two spectacular bounds. The audience screamed and stamped their feet in unison. “We want ‘The Doors’ - we want Jim - more, more, more.”
But they weren't getting more. Instead, a strange pale-faced man trotted onto the vacated stage. His hair was long and hung carelessly about his face in ringlets, his nose long and beak-like and he carried a tiny ukulele under his arm. I watched as he leaned his long, awkward body towards the microphone, and plucked each string of his ukulele to check the tuning. The ukulele looked ridiculously toy-like within his large clumsy hands, but the cords rang out sonorously followed by a tuneless falsetto voice - “Tiptoe, through the tulips, through the tulips - come walk with me.” Was this man serious?
“He turns up everywhere,” the girl informed me. “He’s a real joke - he follows all the top bands around and gets up on stage after them - always sings the same song.”
The audience were jeering at him, mocking him, laughing at him - he did have courage or else a very thick skin.
I spent the rest of the evening at the disco dancing with the girl who had been set on fire. She was a strong looking girl, dark haired with the full lips and slightly lumpy cheek bones that suggested New York Jewish parentage. I didn't run into Lyn Eastman again that night."


14 hours 9 min ago

Here this will help next time you tell the story . You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher

Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
Good story, just misquoting the lyris man.

10 months 3 weeks ago

That's a great story. I read that Linda Eastman was a huge groupie, and actually had a short term affair with Jim...
but she had her eyes set on a Beatle no matter what. She was going to get one. I know that she photographed The Doors when she worked as a photographer for the Filmore East Concert Hall. Wow, what I wouldn't give to have been part of that scene.

10 months 4 weeks ago

you're the Aussie?

1 year 2 weeks ago

I'm sorry to say I was not in attendance.

1 year 2 weeks ago

you went to the concert? And Linda Eastman aka Paul McCartney's wife, and fuvkin' Tiny Tim played along side TheDoors?
well fuvk me, who knew?

1 year 2 weeks ago

Mr. Kreiger plucks those strings like no one else! Fish Tank!

1 year 2 weeks ago

good to know.Sorry, Dave. I'm such a StupidGirl.

1 year 1 month ago

I ordered two Greatest Hits 1980 cassette tapes from the ex Yugoslavia... U.s.a. And Canadian CSs...

1 year 1 month ago


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1 day 9 hours ago in Community

18 hours 25 min ago

Hi Flashing!

Oh, I feel encourage because they are wanting to take it to a film festival for a theater run. I really feel that these two film makers are dedicated to keeping Jim's story of his youth pure and they both have pledged to keeping the integrity of the real Jim and not the exploited caricature. You know the more they delve into his youth, they will most likely bring up more stories and things of interest. So, I am hopeful.

18 hours 35 min ago

Hi Tex. I feel a bit deflated after reading the update on BTE. I hope that the slant of the documentary remains at the earlier part of his life as the fame and career have been covered several times already.

Thanks for the update chuck.

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1 week 14 hours ago in Community

Cool Site!!


1 day 14 hours ago

then LEAVE if you think it sucks....

1 week 6 hours ago

The Doors are too cool...this site sucks.

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1 week 4 hours ago in Community

ADMIN...ASAP....listen to Manhime, and block my ass!*JK*


1 day 14 hours ago

it's not trolled all over the original board pissing EVERYONE off...try and make friends here instead of making an ass out of yourself again....and you KNOW i like you so...try and let others get to know you...not the troll you

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1 day 14 hours ago

feed her please LOL

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More music now!


1 day 14 hours ago

cute ...but my neck got stiff looking at you

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1 week 2 days ago in Community

I gotta go...let me know when I can git out of Oz & return to the old board. Thank you. Have a nice day.


1 day 15 hours ago

stop it already this is the message board....

1 day 22 hours ago

For those who may be interested a friend sent me the link to the old baord in a pm. Here it is: www. At first I couldn´t get it to work but after several ties I finally got it to work. The strange thing is that the last couple of weeks, the latest threads and posts are missing? I don´t know about that, but I thought I post the link for the onces who miss the old board like me.

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1 week 4 hours ago in Community

New additions to our The Doors Collection:


2 days 22 hours ago


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3 days 12 hours ago in Community

'The Master Key by Charles F Haanel.'

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