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2 weeks 10 hours ago in Stony Brook University Gymnasium

is there any recordings of this concert?


1 week 6 days ago

i dunno know... is it by Delaware Park?

1 week 6 days ago

i was just being quiet now.k?

1 week 6 days ago

Dave, trynot to piss me off... we got Manhime and the other fuvkin' one, what's his name and you won't let me post? oh ,

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1 year 6 months ago in Hollywood Bowl

On 5 July 1968 The Doors took to the stage of the Hollywood Bowl for a concert that has since passed into legend. The Doors were performing on the back of their 3rd album release "Waiting For The Sun" and the US No.1 single "Hello, I Love You". They had been honing their live performances over the previous 2 years and were on absolute peak form. Now for the first time the original film footage from the Hollywood Bowl has been digitally scanned and restored to present the show better and more complete than it's ever been seen before, with 2 previously cut tracks returned to the running order and with sound newly remixed and mastered from the original multitrack tapes by The Doors' engineer and co-producer Bruce Botnick. This is now the definitive edition of this famous performance.


0 sec ago

one of my favorite live dvds from The Doors!

2 weeks 3 days ago

oh really?

1 year 3 weeks ago

I saw this in theaters. I will be adding the dvd to my collection very soon. Thanks for the video.

1 year 6 months ago

What an iconic performance! I can't wait to watch the dvd.

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1 month 1 week ago in Community

Hey everyone! Glad to be a part of a community of Doors fans! I recently just google searched what mysticated wine is supposed to mean and though I didn't find a very satisfying answer, I was amazed at how there was discussion on different sites on the web about the meaning of different Doors songs. I looked at a page on ' The Spy ' and was amazed that it was all just random guesses from people with no clear-cut answer that was agreed upon and accepted. I'll stick to just tackling one song per post, so I figured I'll make my first post here a theory on what the spy is actually about. Out there, sure maybe… But hopefully you'll find it interesting!

I want to go out on a limb and say that The Spy could potentially be about Orwell's 1984? For starters, in the book there is the ministry of love, and the one for peace, and etc. The song starts off saying that he's a spy in the house of love. Unlikely referring to an orgy filled estate. I know the dream that you're dreaming of, I know the word that you long to hear… Now to be fair I could have a much better explanation had I actually finished the book (I've read the first half and never had time to finish it :/) but the main character in the beginning is questioning his blind loyalty and obedience to big brother, and longs to find someone else who feels the same way. There is a government official pretty high up in which he becomes acquainted with who he hopes will say something, to reveal that he too is against this. The next line in the song is I know your deepest secret fear. This fear is apparent in the main character. Big brother knows the dream you're dreaming of, your deepest fears, etc. I know everything you do, everywhere you go, everyone you know… I'm a spy. Sounds like a full scale police state government is the spy to me… At the end he puts heavy emphasis on knowing your deepest secret fear. And then it ends with I'm a spy, I can see what you do, and I know… "know" is to reflect pretty much being omniscient, the spy knows everything.


3 weeks 4 days ago

thanx you for your insight; bought the book , never got around to readin' it. But, I got the gist of it. It like so applies to store knows what products I buy when they scan my card...send me coupons right on time. This website, knows I'm poor as a mouse, yet some motherfuvker here demands money pak be sent... so, the future is money pak...fuvk that. Can you bring back "Defiant" ? I think I have one thing in common with him....~SG

3 weeks 5 days ago

Flashing – 1984 is one of my all-time favorite books and I could go on about it for days, but I’ll try to keep this short :) Orwell left it open to interpretation, although he did briefly mention parallels to religion in the appendix. I was just sharing my analysis. He definitely took inspiration from Communist Russia to create the dystopian world in the book, I agree (and that story in itself is very interesting), but I also think it was a metaphor. I do not, however, think it was meant to be anti-religion, but I can’t really elaborate on that without ruining the end for those who haven’t read it. Read it again with the thought that Julia might represent a certain side of Winston and the conditions of his environment might have something to do with his perspective. It’s all about doublethink, so apply doublethink to the story... suddenly it changes… or does it? ;)

Jim Morrison explains the concept better than I do:

Everything spoken means that,
It’s opposite, & everything else.
I’m living. I’m dying.

With all of that in mind, read again:

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength

Is any of it true in terms of religion?
I’ll add another:

True is false.

Okay, that’s a lot. I know. To understand all of that, you need to think in a very abstract and open way. Since this is a fan site for The Doors, it’s probably safe to assume you already think that way :)

3 weeks 6 days ago

I suppose 1984 could be viewed as anti-religion but did Orwell say this somewhere that I can read about Pajama?

The majority of Orwells work was against dictatorshiip and despotism and the allegories with Cold War are many....... Ingsoc - 2+2=5 - Airstrip1 - show trials. Just wondering if similar can be found in the book to show Big Brother was a metaphor for religion and not Stalin. Thanks.

4 weeks 7 hours ago

I made an account to respond to this. Not many people realize it, but the "big government" in 1984 was a metaphor for religion. I highly recommend that you read the rest of it. Regarding the song... many of Jim's lyrics have double and triple entendres and can be interpreted in a multitude of ways- that is the beauty. The Spy reminds me of one of his poems:

Wilderness pg. 11.

What are you doing here?
What do you want?
Is it music?
We can play music.
But you want more.
You want something & someone new.
Am I right?
Of course I am.
I know what you want.
You want ecstasy
Desire & dreams.
Things not exactly what they seem.
I lead you this way, he pulls that way.
I'm not singing to an imaginary girl.
I'm talking to you, my self.
Let's recreate the world.
The palace of conception is burning.

Look. See it burn.
Bask in the warm hot coals.

You're too young to be old
You don't need to be told
You want to see things as they are.
You know exactly what I do

4 weeks 1 day ago

I haven't read the full Anais Nin novel but I wouldn't be surprised if Jim had.

1 month 1 day ago

Sorry guys, but I think you are reaching. I strongly believe this song is about Pam, like so many of his songs were. Whether you want to admit it or not, the guy was head over heels. Even though she drove him nuts. She was his cosmic mate, as we all know. I know the guy was deep, but he still had that soft spot. I've said it before, read the book called FAQ, Everything you wanted to know about the Doors. It's a great read. There's a lot of songs that we know he wrote for Pam...Roadhouse Blues, Unhappy Girl, Love Street, just to name few. She was his inspiration. Every guy has that one chick that does it for him. Don't read too much into that song.

1 month 1 day ago

Now that you mention it, yes it refers to Orwells 1984 quite a lot on the lyrical side.
House of love, the deepest secret fear...I know everything!
The observation screen (right expression in english, have just read it though only in finnish) on the wall behind the painting. Yes these lyrics really add up to all that!
Does anyone know if this particular song has really got its inspiration from Orwells 1984??

This surely gives me a new perspective to my favourite The Doors Album (Morrison Hotel) and its depths!

1 month 1 week ago

That's quite astute. I did the book at at high school (16yoa) so am quite familiar with it. "I know your deepest, secret, fear" line could have been straight out of 1984 but I don't think the other parallel with the Ministry of Love had ever occurred to me. WTG

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3 weeks 5 days ago in Community

Hello from the Heartland of the US!

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3 weeks 5 days ago in Community

Well, Im just trying to say Hello!


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1 month 4 days ago in Community

thought i could tell people i'm sorry....


1 month 2 days ago

ITS FINE....stop being sensative...we like your humor and i am not a pre automated respons im me i have feelings....

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9 months 4 weeks ago in Community

Thank you very much for your patience. If you ordered the Ray Manzarek Memorial T-Shirts to benefit Stand Up To Cancer, please note that it will ship the week of June 24th, 2013.

Because of the pre-order status, the orders may not be appearing in the MY ORDERS section of your user dashboard, but be assured that your pre-order is in our system and you will be receiving this item shortly.


1 month 2 days ago

mine came in 4 days back in july

1 month 4 days ago

I have saved many Harassment PMs from SG. It only stopped when I troll-blocked her. I asked her to stop and she kept getting worse. She always cursed me on the old forum. Other posters attributed to her being drunk and having a hard life. I say you can not be drunk 24/7 Even Jim was not drunk 24/7.

I think she went toooooo far when she attacked Nancy on the new forum. In public.

I guess I should say goodbye to SG now. Before it is to late.

1 month 4 days ago

Hey,I get Stupid after midnite, no reason to ban me Sugar, just deal with it.~SG

9 months 3 weeks ago

delete or ban her Jon...or i will leave this community
9 hours 7 min ago
hey echo, first time i laughed today. Tell Nancy to go fuvk herself. So, there was no mention of your interests being the Doors? Kinda long winded? I loved it.It's very just have to say you have a heart... for stray kittens.k Anyway, impressed with all you included so here's my email... undineskiss just be trollin'... *s* it's a joke.
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1 month 1 week ago in Community

Is The Doors forum officially closed?


1 month 5 days ago
1 month 5 days ago

where was I, before I got labeled spam? oh, yeah, mint chocolate ice cream eating my my waterbed...did I cuss yet?

1 month 5 days ago

no, I think they are either behind on the payments or decided to kick us all out, and give up our ip addresses /signed agreements to post to Nancy....aka The website. So, did the gov use my money for Sandy Relief or not?

1 month 6 days ago

Am I going insane or what, I didn't say anything to you, I was starting with "Manhime you think bla bla...". Where did you find yourself there?

1 month 6 days ago

first statue that is NOT a nice thing to say to me.

1 month 1 week ago

Manhime you think they really care for those who knew Jim? C’mon, the Doors management doesn’t really care about those people and people from the old Board in general, we’re too old to spend on silly merchandise, what they really care about are youngsters who are just about to discover the Doors, and of course, the Store department on this site.

1 month 1 week ago

in my opinion, the old format was conducive to having a conversation that you could easily follows and, learn something.

manhime, you're absolutely right about the people who knew jim. It would really be a huge loss if they don't choose to post here.

1 month 1 week ago

The problem is that many of the old fourm hate the format of the new fourm. The people who knew jim personally have stated this. If we loose these people
The admins have done a diservice to the fans. So I hope the old forum comes back sion. Also the admins stated the old fourm would not be closed if people wanted it

1 month 1 week ago

This is really the official Doors Message Board Nancy Marzuli? Interesting. Well comparing to this the old board was like a 5 star hotel. This is more like one of those lodging places for the cowboys on their way to nowhere, get in, take some portion of baked beans, share it with your horse, get laid and leave.

1 month 1 week ago

ha ha... I mean to say shocking... Not whatever the auto correct added!

1 month 1 week ago

I agree, queenhwy, it was a little schmo king to see the old board gone just like that... and, it's nice to see people migrating here.

1 month 1 week ago

Yes, we were all told it was closing, but if think some of us were under the impression they'd give us a approx date of them closing it. I don't care that it closed, but like I stated before I'd like to get my old pm's and private messages. They said they'd fix it, so I'm glad about that.

We had a great bunch of people over there. I'm glad to see some familiar faces on here now. I know a few do not like this style for a forum, but it is what it is. :)

1 month 1 week ago

you all were told there was going to be a merge and the old site would be closed...enjoy your stay here because this is The Official Message Board

1 month 1 week ago

Yay I can now comment. Amazing what a good nights sleep can do. Nice to see all these familiar faces.

I wonder what 'integrated' will consist of?

1 month 1 week ago

Queen mention it was on the top and I just re-posted it. So others do not miss it.

1 month 1 week ago

thank you for the information, manheim!

1 month 1 week ago

Good news! That's what users at the old forum have been asking for. Thanks!

1 month 1 week ago

Thanks Admin for the official word. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to the re-opening of the old forum.

1 month 1 week ago


Dear Fans,

The forums previously available at are safe and sound. Please do not be concerned that any content has been lost. We are, however, experiencing some technical issues in how the older forums can be integrated with the current site and community. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible, during which time the forums are, regrettably, inaccessible. We will update you as soon as this is resolved.

In the meantime, we encourage you (if you have not already) to create an account and join the community at where, we hope you'll agree, we've created one of the greatest rock n' roll websites ever for one of the greatest bands of all time.


The Doors Tech Support

1 month 1 week ago

Did you guys see the message above?? That is good news. :)

1 month 1 week ago

I tried to open The Doors Message Board but it says "Page Not Found" and instead I was being redirected to this horrible place which tells a lot of who is responsible for vanishing the board.

1 month 1 week ago

ugh...this sux

1 month 1 week ago

Can the admin please tell us what happened to the old fourm

1 month 1 week ago

Hey Manhime!! I think the old board is gone. :(

1 month 1 week ago

what happened to our old forum?

1 month 1 week ago

Hey Encuentro!! I can't even get this forum to work properly! I don't think we will receive an answer about the old forum or the Matrix/London Fog shows. Just the way it is these days.

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