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2 years 6 months ago in Community


did Jim invent this syntax?


2 years 5 months ago

I been meaning to finish my story
then I built a new computer
and it was on the other hard rock drive
now I got it all together
lies... nothing but lies

rum w/mt remw/me run w~me rum w/me
run w/me run fun sun moon sun burn burn
moon moon moon going real fast now
going 2 get u
soon sssoooon ssssooooooonnnnn
Let’s run !
My best work ever


Then the dings decreased in sound.
Till there was only one ding
constant and awkward.
Something wrong,… something not quite write

So I look up.
The walls are breathing, student eyes glaring,
the teacher is standing over me.
Stern & staring

“mrmohs what are you doing!?”
“Typing the assignment… sir?”
“You have NO paper in the typewriter!”

O…impossible concentration

but I’m here to telll ya…
in that hard rubber carriage roller
indelibly imprinted is

on a roll

2 years 6 months ago

run /w me run with me run w?me run v/oeve me
run w/me run.w,me roll w/me run

2 years 6 months ago

It was high school typing class
ingested some brown mescaline
2 caps
about an hour before
I looked around
This was some real good stuff.

So I’m seated & Awaiting the movie
w/ the other students.
But no!
The teachers scratching out these white words
on a black board. timed typing assignment.
I’m not sure what he wrote
but I know what I saw.

So the class begins typing.
ding ding ding ding
the walls were moving
the dings were coming on stronger
I was thinking, “Break on Thru” but was typing the
“Celebration of the Lizard!”
O I was flying!
I was striking the keys liked a Down Bound Train.
The Mohs Wood of speed typing
Staccato style

run w/me runw/ me run w/me runw/me runw/me
run w. me run run w/me run W/me run/me
run /w me run with me run w?me run v/oeve me
run w/me run.w,me roll w/me run

2 years 6 months ago

Thanks for responding !
Because this is a question
that as bothered me for a long time

First time I ever saw this syntax usage
was in my purple hard coverd
“The Lords and the New Creatures”
that I bought in 1971
It was a strange convention then
and I’ve never seen it usage again

So I’ve just done some research
--Oxford Dictionary ect---
and have found nil

So I’m pretty sure it’s a Morrison original!
One of his literary contributions w/ rock

Wonder if he came up w/ it typing?
Or did he originate it -in his handwriting?
I know he uses the convention
in handwritten text I’ve seen of his.
But those are all later than 1971.

Does anyone know if Morrison typed?
Are there any Morrison typed pages out there?
I can see it as a stenographer’s shorthand in typing
Perhaps he did it typing and found the technique unique
so he carried it over into his handwriting?
Plus it plays into my theory about Jim prescience
of computer language syntax usage .

w/ www

well I hoped I explained it well
w/syntax mystery

2 years 6 months ago

i thought it was a common way for abbreviations ???

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