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1 year 1 week ago in Community

thank you Randall Bishard...lovely photo of Jim November 1970


1 year 2 days ago

i saw one other shot from that night and it was jim with a blonde girl...clearly NOT pam

1 year 3 days ago

si, i saw maybe is about date of development.michael pappaceno has credits for this and other two pics(according to dmc) which has been used for the cd live in pittsburgh and he said they were from that period.

1 year 4 days ago

It's unfortunate he paid for his bloodline to be aborted that month...

1 year 5 days ago

i went by the kodak stamp that is shown on the photo Nov 70

1 year 5 days ago

this photo wasn't taken on november 70

1 year 1 week ago

Just before his 1970 birthday poetry spoken recordings!

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