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2 years 4 months ago in Community

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2 years 4 months ago

Your certainly are in the Morrison spirit cause you always raise such thoughtful questions
Difficult to answer and always controversial
when someone tries to sum up Jim
But you’re like Jim in this way cause you like to have your intellect challenged!
Well I’ll try-- but don’t expect much Ha Ha

Jim’s intelligence craved to be challenged
This can be curse as well as blessing for such people
Life/ this world is blah in that department.
For those creative few it can become a struggle
Jim had no wish for resident mockery.
He saw that game early and a life of the mundane scared the heebie jeebies out of him
He mentioned about Janis and Jimi death. \Sensitive souls want the heights.
Everything else is just ---
To non -revolutionary

I back this up in Jim particular case with Nietzsche.
Someone mentioned Nietzsche killed Jim
Either Krieger or Densmore?
Even though it’s a crazy idea-- it does have certain validity

I read the “Spirit of Tragedy when I was young cause Jim mentioned him as an influence
Luckily I didn’t understand single word!
Not that there anything in that particular book that is dangerous.
Its Nietzsche other works that broach that territory
But it is a killer work and opens many doors
After 40 years of reading Nietzsche (for me) the text only now starts to come into philosophical focus. He was dynamite!
And for Jim and his intelligence I know he instantly/ instinctually understood his philosophy.
That double dynamite! Cause Jim Was so damn powerfully smart & wanted change.
Create the Nietzschean over man.

Just as a side note. As I look back on the sixties they were bullshit. My generation fucked it up big time. All that free love, flowers in your hair, drug experimentation, throwing away all the values, everyone’s going to be free b.s! Many of are brightest threw their selves in to that maw of hope- violently and stupidly- and were still paying the price of this exuberance. Yes & I know all about Vietnam. It was an ugly sore.

But to get back to Jim & N- Nietzsche philosophy changes as you read him over the years. Just like any good piece of art does. Even Doors music. Its not same music of my youth. Better. The inflections are different. The words convey a difference essence. The keys moan differently The guitar feedbacks lowerumble The drum shots accentuate differently.
That how it is with good art. Especially N- His is a living philosophy. As a thoughtful reader brings different experiences through out the years to the text it opens new horizons.

What impressed Jim w/ N is that he gave him an intellectual scaffolding to test the bounds. The philosophy was based on reason-- but not particularly common sense reason. N- blew up everything and w/ a psychological authority. It’s a powerful philosophy. I think Jim caught on to that quick. Me? Its taken many years to grasp.

What is discouraging is we lost the growing insight a guy like Jim could have delivered. Its possible he just wasn’t patient enough. I think we lost our best chance of a human creating the
\Over Man
In this regard Jim was-- to quote N—Human… All to human

Sudden Flash
Light !
Down Hollow Hwy
Bathing All
We Are Left

2 years 4 months ago

correction wasn't infallible...sorry. We all know he wasn't perfect. Thank goodness for that...

2 years 4 months ago

Is there anyone out there who can shed some light on this topic? Come on people, what's the deal here? Are we only limited to our own fantasies about Jim Morrison? Or is there anyone out there who believes that the man was infallible, regardless of how much we loved him? He was not perfect, for heavens sake, thank God for that....give me some feed back here? Is it better to know that he had his flaws, than to think he was above and beyond. I hope not. In that case, he would not have been able to touch us, if we all felt that he was above us. and I sure don't believe that. He was as human as any one of us...and just as imperfect. that is what made him so human to us all....

2 years 4 months ago

Computer screwed up on this one...I am directing this question mostly towards those whose lived through this era. The 60's. Even though all of us here are Doors fans, some of us can't relate to the times. Meaning the 60's. I wish I were more intone to that era, but unfortunately, being born in 1964 I'm not quite there. God knows, I wish I were. Nevertheless, anyone who can relate, please comment. I have been reading a lot about the riots of the 60;s and feel that the song Peace Frog, was more incline to be about the riots in New Haven then what happened to Jim...Reason being....I've read about how Paul Rothchild found songs for Morrison Hotel. He found poems that Jim had written from a note book, and Peace Frog was one of them. I believe that this was written way before his arrest, meaning that it pertained more to the race riots, and Abbie Hoffman episodes, more than his arrest. Love to hear comments from those who had close experience from that time....comments please.

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