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9 months 5 days ago in Community

For Ray (1939-2013)

The spark-on-rails-at-midnight
jab across the keys
hailing Bach into communion with an electric truce,

the calliope oom-pah-pah
of some Rhineland nightmare
strangling the dance floor
into a cabaret abattoir;

the fury and sad decay of notes
too perfect for applause,
then burnished with a scream
telegraphed across two centuries;

the master at his soulcraft--
head swaying from side to side,
alchemy in his tight smile
as his fingers tether noon and midnight
into infinite black lacquer,
his gift to the myriad minds
still unaware of what this absence will mean.


9 months 4 days ago

Great job, beautiful poem! thanks for sharing it.

9 months 4 days ago

Thank you, I appreciate the kind comment...all credit to Ray for his superlative work, which has ignited so much inspiration in the rest of us...

9 months 5 days ago

Excellent homage. Wish I had the vision and talent to string words together that way...

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