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12 months 2 days ago in Community

ohn Densmore: Ron, we’re talking again. We’ve begun the healing. But when they went off with the name, it was a frustrating time. That’s for sure. And hardcore fans thought I was messing up the band they love, but that’s why I wrote this book. Read it and you’ll see I was trying to preserve the legacy of the purity of what we represented from the beginning.


11 months 3 weeks ago

i like the way he's very conversational, so, it makes the book very easy to read. the subject matter is another thing. in a weird way, it puts an exclamation point on the finality of the creativity these 4 people shared.

they agreed to split everything 4 ways and each had veto power in the event "things get weird", which is very interesting when you see how things unfold. and, i think it says a lot about the man jim morrison was, and it underlines his reverence for artists and writers and for the thing he loved to do -- write.

11 months 4 weeks ago

i dont get mine til may 6th

11 months 4 weeks ago

I can't wait to read John's new book... but it looks like I'll have to wait until my birthday. That's ok thought- in the mean time I'm reading Greil Marcus' THE DOORS.

11 months 4 weeks ago

Are you liking the book so far?

11 months 4 weeks ago

i think that jim was cautious after this incident. it seems like he had pretty high standards and after this "slight" he didn't trust his band mates.

they went on to make more good music after this incident. i don't think it was a defining reason for their ultimate split, though.

11 months 4 weeks ago

sheesh that's why the Doors broke up a year after Morrison's death

11 months 4 weeks ago

in this book, john densmore writes that they all got the message "loud and clear" that jim was irate because the 3 other doors considered "selling out" by selling "light my fire" for use in the buick commercial. it's very plain in this book that jim was not happy with anyone at that time.

11 months 4 weeks ago

NancyMarzulli was positing a fact. Not an insult. I never said john did it alone. I said he was apart of the hypocrisy. Now he is not. I am glad he is not. I do however wonder why? Why did he change his mind? He played doors songs with Ray and Robbie with other singers throughout the years.

12 months 6 hours ago

This a tough one. After reading his book it seems clear that John has integrity in protecting the doors music. He's also doing right by jim and the Morrison family. I still can't help but feel he takes enjoyment in sticking it to ray.

12 months 6 hours ago

john "voted"? alone? or with the other 2 doors(robby and ray)???? dont make it all out to look like john was the bad guy...just sayin

12 months 9 hours ago

It has been discussed on the other doors forum. That John voted to sell LMF to a car company (Chevy or cadillac) for $75,000. Only when Jim got back from the UK was he able to stop the sale. Also John played with the other two doors with different singers. Just saying that I am glad John is preserving the legacy now. He did not always do that. imo

12 months 1 day ago

John has understood the essence of The Doors' art. I like him fighting for the purity from which so many recuperate their inner strength.

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