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10 months 1 week ago in Community

My thoughts on Pam Courson.....suspicious of her and her default association contributing to Jim's death. By all accounts she was a hanger on and Jim supplied her with the lifestyle. What a free loader. What on earth did he see in her? She was into heroin! Why didn't any of the media outlets try to interview her after his death? Was it true she was hooking herself towards the end of her life? If Mary Werbelow (sp) would have gone back to Jim, she would have been a positive influence on him- not that junkie whose herion probably killed him!


9 months 3 weeks ago

It does seem curious
how anyone could think
that Jim was defrauded
in his slip into unconsciousness
The End was his life work
He wasn’t about to fooled by anyone,
drugs or money

9 months 3 weeks ago

I will refrain from my opinion on Jim and Pam's relationship b/c I was not there. I don't feel this is the proper forum to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of their relationship. I know a lot of people blame Pam for Jim's downfall. But neither one is here to defend themselves, so it's all speculation on our part.

9 months 3 weeks ago

Took awhile to find this post. I have been thinking about what you commented on for quite awhile, and have finally come up with a worth while response. Come on Dude! Don't you think you are being a extremely hard on her. For heaven's sake the woman is dead too! I don't know how old you are, but you have to take into consideration that this was a different era then what we are in now. She was barely 19 when she met Jim, and if anyone was the powerful influence, it was him, on her. No one was going to tell Jim Morrison what to do. When he died she was barely 23yrs. old. How mature were you at 23? Jim wrote a lot of songs to her, Unhappy Girl, Roadhouse Blues, Love Street, Indian Summer, Queen of the Hwy... etc. Just to name a few. There were a lot more, You don't write songs to someone who didn't mean a lot to you. You didn't know her, and neither did I, give the girl a break...any comments?

10 months 5 days ago

haven’t looked hard into the facts
wasn’t there, don’t know,
& haven’t corresponded with any one who was.
so some one more knowledgeable
may correct my ignorance

My theory is that Jim was in serious failing health
when he left for Paris. He knew the end was near.
Under those circumstances, his end was, as
easy a ride, as the end for a man like Jim,
could be.

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