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12 months 1 day ago in Community

Me and JD at his book signing earlier today in Cambridge, MA.


11 months 4 weeks ago

that right there made it all worthwhile...for him to be kind and remember your name must have felt great...i believe in the realness and genuineness of people and john displayed that perfectly...i cant wait for my x b/f to meet him on may 6th...i wish i could attend but i am unable to go with him...he is however getting me a book also so i will be able to read it and cherish the inscription...kinda an early birthday birthdays at the end of may...and a nice gesture that my x b/f would even bother to go..although he LOVES the its perfect timing...he gets to meet John and get 2 signed books one for him and one for me...hes a lucky guy...

11 months 4 weeks ago

I'd say about 200 were there. I got there just a few minutes before it started at 4:00 and had already met John by 5:00. Funny side story we grabbed a couple beers after Ieaving the bookstore. I noticed it was a few min before 6:00 (John was there until 6). So I walked over and said hi again as there was just a few people there. He mentioned he was with his family and wrapping up. So I felt a little brushed away. But he looked me in the eye and said "Sam, right?" Pointing to his temple and smiling. He remembered my name from earlier. So I just shook his hand and wished him well on the rest of his tour and he thanked me. I later found out in an article that his sister lived in Cambridge and a bunch of his family had visited with him that day. So felt better after learning that. Anyways, he def gave out a cool and humble vibe!

11 months 4 weeks ago

how many people do you think were there for the book signing and what time did you get there before it began..trying to get a feel for it so that on may 6th when my x boyfriend lou goes to atlanta for the book signing he knows what to expect...

12 months 10 hours ago

Wow!!! What an impressive moment!...John has very positive vibes.

12 months 20 hours ago

oh man! right on!!!!!!!!!

12 months 21 hours ago

Very nice! I had planned to go, but didn't.

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