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3 months 1 week ago in Community

Love The Doors and their music!! Thats all there is to it! I would say that Jim Morrison was in his own special way a mystifying fellow, The Shaman (right written?) Nevertheless I love The Doors: think that all four of them were special, unique, a combination that made what we now adolise so dearly. Not only Jim Morrison!!! (He was the key element of it all though!)
His death made him The Myth that he is today, without it The Doors & Morrison would not be the same. Sorry but that is the ultimate truth! Also the time (60´s) was just like made for a group like The Doors. The whole world was going through all the drama that these days is only a vague memory (if remembered by anyone).

Still...the only thing I do find funny and amusing is Jim Morrison "in lederhosen". Find it amusing & comic :)
Can´t help it - it is funny :)
(Jim would undestand, I know: all the best Jim up there!)

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