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10 months 1 day ago in Community

in lieu of today The First Day of Summer! one of my The Doors


10 months 21 hours ago

Live in Boston 1970

10 months 22 hours ago

that was freaking awesome Nancy!
what pleasant cool thing to do
on hot afternoon
I never heard it before !
Know where it was recorded?

*as a side note
no libro occurrences occurred
Except @
My cell phone did go off
(I learn to set it to vibrate mode
so proud of myself)
anyway I remove my headphones
“Hello. This is mohs”
“Where are you! Your half an hour late!”

a work client you see
I had to BOOK it !
out of the libro

impossible concentration

10 months 1 day ago

its the song summertime mohs...just make sure you dont sing again with your headphones on lol

10 months 1 day ago

have to view this at the libro
not sure what it is
will be glad when
Summer Almost Gone
521 Fahrenheit
hot rocks
morrison later

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