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11 months 2 days ago in Community

On last saturday I visit a DOORS Cover Band named "Morrison Hotel". and wie spoke about the great Concert of The DOORS of the 20th Century in 2004 in Bonn/Museumsmeile-Germany
There was an incredible magic moment, when Ray starts Riders on the Storm and it begans to rain...
Ray told the auditorium "Well, this is a song for mother nature, for the ancient spirits within all of us, and as you can see, they are with us tonight!"
I`am very proud of owning a limited "When you`re strange" poster with his original sign!
Thanks for all Ray and R.I.P.


11 months 2 days ago

good ol’ Ray
a force of nature
in his own way

11 months 2 days ago

what a cherished memory you have and own...Ray will be missed by many...

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