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6 months 1 week ago in Community

Ladies and gentleman...i have returned from the land that jim called home...yes..LA..please make sure to check out the collage The Doors Official posted in the Doors and Me section of their photo album on facebook...but without further a due,,,room 32 thanks to Brent from Mass who was renting the room for being hella cool and letting us in and taking photos of us! alright yeah!


5 months 2 weeks ago

the door was open and the guy who rented it was a guy from boston who let us in and took pics of us in the room he was a cool guy!!

5 months 2 weeks ago

So cool!!
When I was there the proprietor was yelling me for some reason as I made my way up #32. And when I got there clouds of green smoke were lazily crawling out the widow. Looking back I wish I knocked on the door...

6 months 1 week ago

in The Photos section on that link!

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