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1 year 1 day ago in Community

JD info : With just 2 days before the release of "The Doors:Unhinged", you may be able to catch an interview with John on the following stations:

KNEN-Norfolk, NE
WOR- New York, NY
WRZI- Louisville, KY
WXKR- Toledo, OH
KSHE- St. Louis, MO
Premiere Radio Networks –New York, NY
WOC/WMT – Davenport, IA
WMJI- Cleveland, OH
WOGL – Philadelphia, PA
KPRI – San Diego, CA
WHJY – Providence, RI
WGRF – Buffalo, NY
WSRV – Atlanta, G
WKGL – Rockford, IL
KTCZ – Minneapolis, MN
WZOO – Cleveland, OH
KZNE – College Station, TX
WGBG – Georgetown, DE
KZRR – Albuquerque, NM
KTRS – St. Louis, MO
hope some of you can catch John on his book signing tour de force!


12 months 4 days ago

thanks giza...loved the interview with john!

12 months 4 days ago

Hi, Giza! I like John upholding the integrity of the Doors' art.

1 year 9 hours ago

Thanks for sharing! In this link there is a summary of JD's book

1 year 23 hours ago

Wow! Cool. Thanks for sharing. I'd read about this book, but completely forgot. I must say I'm curious and a bit skeptical behind the motivation of this book. I Mean after all isn't JD making a few bucks himself with this? Nevertheless I'm a fan of all the Doors and really enjoyed Riders on the Storm. However this book pretty much ends any dream I have of seeing the three of them share a stage...

1 year 1 day ago

I'm very happy John is putting himself out there!

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