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2 years 8 months ago in Community

I've just been watching a lot of Doors Documents and I wonder if his rebellion, had a lot to do with his Dad being in the military? I know my husband grew up in a military family( his Dad was in the Air Force) and my husband was very rebellious. My husband was an air force brat...what do you guys think....?


2 years 8 months ago

Definitely a question that will continue. I think Jims father being in the USN , moving around a bit and his militarized nature had some part to his rebellion, yet on a stronger note , Jim had interest in poetry, writings and philosophical type intellect from a young age as well. He absorbed his mind with these papers and I feel wanted to become so much yet a revolt came about because was stuck, realizing he wanted so much. Perhaps his fathers position set a mould for the whole family and Jim was frantically trying to set his own mould? Considering also that yes he didn't like the war but the band wasn't exactly a 'flower power' peace marching group either so the actual 'job' of his father may not have been the negative though his 'way' being the factor. Does that make any sense?

2 years 8 months ago

just to add little more
a friend yesterday
--we were eating rib bones--
remarked that Jim hated his Dad
or something similar

immediately I remarked that it was all Oedipal theatrics
I’m sure the reference was being made to the End

Yet I want to amend that slightly
I don’t really know what Jim’s
long-term outlook was in regard to his family.
Never called or visited?
That may be a shame
or it just might have been the bad luck of the draw?

Jim’s public pronouncement
regarding his family
(didn’t he say he just didn’t want to involve them?)
I see as biblical.
Jesus rebuked his family & cut the ties.

Jim did the same.
He knew his path
was narrow & hard to master.
Testing bounds. Hermes
He might have figured it best not to have any obligations?
For the bio-results may not be
becoming for a well-raised gent with a fine family.
Best to break all binding, be free,
if only for their sake.

Yet it was the sixties
generation gap &
Oedipal theme
was (and are) real

2 years 8 months ago

That certainly plays into Jim’s psyche
I have a friend that shows same sort of
intelligence & rebelliousness as Jim

His Dad a World War 2 vet
very proper household
distant and full of authority
ya know… manicured lawns,
table had be set properly
not an olive out of place

My friend is just the opposite to a degree
tough biker, Doors fan, a hoarder ,
the man as everything
uncanny the parallels
I think

it’s a really great question
one that keep me questioning

2 years 8 months ago

He lived all over the world.....

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