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12 months 1 day ago in Community

It saddens me that these to doors albums are overlooked and forgotten :(


11 months 4 weeks ago


I did not know about ray's solo album. I will look for it and give it a listen. Thanks

'The Whole Thing Started With Rock and Roll Now It's Out of Control',

11 months 4 weeks ago

I have similar thoughts. Tightrope Ride is great though I feel. Rays solo album (1974) with songs written by himself and Danny sugerman, titled 'The Whole Thing Started With Rock and Roll Now It's Out of Control', is good. Ray seems to blend his jaz keys with some great synth and that deep grabbing voice.In one song he even cuts in to a Light My Fire riff! I'm blessed to have an autographed copy of it.

12 months 7 hours ago

Well without trying to disrespect the existing doors. I think the last two albums were a complete departure from the first 6 albums. They lost Jim's vision and embarked on a different music sound and still kept the name THE DOORS. Even Ray said they should of changed names. The first 6 albums had a dark mysterious feel. The last two albums sounded like a grateful dead copy. At least to me. I am not saying they were good or bad. I am stating they left the doors format. Either by purpose or because of Jim being gone. If Jim would of lived and helped make the last two albums. I bet most of those songs would not of been on the albums. Just my opinion.

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