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9 months 3 weeks ago in Community

I'm probably a tad older than most that are gathered here, and I remember the day that I first heard the news that James Douglas Morrison had died. I had just graduated from high school (Yes, I was 19 years old, just 9 years younger than Jim.) It was late at night and I was in the back seat of my lady love's car attempting to prove my love for her when a song that I had never heard came on the radio. I recognized in a flash that the song was a new one by my favorite group, the Doors. The song was "Riders on the Storm" which was totally appropriate as a summer storm was going on outside the car at the same time that I was, well... you get my drift! At the end of the song, the DJ came on and said that the song that he had just played was dedicated to Jim Morrison, who had just been reported as having died while in Paris, France. Anyone else here old enough to remember where they were when the news broke? I think it would make a hell of a story.


9 months 3 weeks ago

o yeah stoned_ I recall
that july night
10 p.m. summer storm
rotload hovel
smoking cheap Mexican pot
am transistor
d.j. moans
strange dawn
walking alone
freeway overpass
quiet nite
city headlight silenced
w/ abyss below
phoenix rise
strange sense/ loss friend
The End playing on a.m.

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