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12 months 2 days ago in Community

i'm not really a "Doors" fan but i really find jim quite interesting and fascinating as a person from most other celebs.After all..he was just a man.He wasn't perfect and nobody really is anyway.We all have our dark sides and faults.It's really quite sad that his life on earth was so short-lived and most of it was rather sad,tragic or crazy.I feel i would have really enjoyed or have been quite interested in knowing jim better as a person had he lived.Known more about his life as a person..not performer/musician.So sad he died so soon and young.Hope he is happy wherever he is and finally at peace with himself.<3<3<3<3<3<3


11 months 3 weeks ago

poetry songs moods drives of Morrison
were so uniquely his that the echo’s are still vibrant
& those who have been touched by the music
wonder on this brief explosion
a troubling tragic aspect
I can’t seem to figure out

I enjoyed the thoughts expressed

11 months 3 weeks ago

It's sad for the rest of us here that Jim left so early. But it was his fate to only stay here 27 years. As Frank Lisciandro said and this is a quote: "There was something Jim wanted to see on the other side of life. And that was the only thing he pressed forward to".
I have had dreams of Jim on the other side and he is in a very good place and has found fulfillment and peace.

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