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10 months 14 hours ago in Community

HUGE NEWS via john densmore...He and Robby are reuniting for a tribute show for great is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rolling stone magazine it here first...ok well second lol


9 months 4 weeks ago

As always Nancy, thanks for sharing. That's great news! I really would like to be there for that show. Glad John was able to reach out in time. His book left a bad taste in my mouth in regards to Ray especially. But then I recall Ray's book and what he said about John too. Two great guys - two different philosophies.

10 months 14 hours ago

"The inner circle knew Ray had cancer for a while," drummer John Densmore tells Rolling Stone of his former bandmate, who died last month in Germany. "Then I heard he was really sick and called him. He said thank you for the prayers and told me chemo was fucked. So there was a closing, thank God."

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