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12 months 1 day ago in Community

Hi Doors fans. I've been listening to rock, blues and jazz since sometime in the early 1960's, have been a fan of many groups and musicians, have always liked The Doors but only in the last few months have really gotten hooked on the band. After reading several Doors books recently and spending a lot of time listening to Doors albums all I can say it- it's about time. What an amazing band. I know... duh! :-)


11 months 4 weeks ago

wow our comments disappeared

12 months 57 min ago

When one begins to think "WHAT is he singing?", and to listen carefully especially to JIM's lyrics, that's the moment the genuineness and the truth of his lyrics begin to nurture you.

12 months 1 day ago

my dad was born in 1924...he will be 89 in sept and was a comedian...thus my interest in musicians and becoming an entertainment journalist...and Thank You for your sorry you lost your mom too...nothing worse than losing your mom....

12 months 1 day ago

...and sorry to hear about your Mom. I lost mine 4 years ago which was a big loss to me. Despite her having been born in 1923 I got her interested in Willie Nelson and Neil Young.

12 months 1 day ago

Thank you, Nancy. Great to be here.

12 months 1 day ago

im also like you...started listening to them in the late 70's though...and once i saw live at the hollywood bowl last year in july i was hooked more than ever...helped me through my moms death in oct of 2012 and still only listen to them in the car...and in the house and on youtube...welcome to the community brian

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