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1 year 4 days ago in Community

Hi all, first time commenting here and figured I would throw out a question. In an interview Jim expressed his desire to come up with a song that was a "pure expression of joy". Which Doors song and Morrison lyric is most deserving of this description? I got two that come to mind, but curious what you all think?


12 months 1 day ago

I would go with "Five to One" and "The End".

12 months 1 day ago

As far as lyrics go, I've always loved in Shaman's Blues,
"Do you often stop and whisper?
In Saturday's shore
The whole world's a savior
Who could ever, ever, ever
Ever, ever, ever
Ask for more?"

12 months 1 day ago

I would say Wild Child, Hello, I Love You, Shaman's Blues or even Love Me Two Times.....though all of The Door's songs have darker undertones..

1 year 1 hour ago

Not To Touch The Earth (1968)

The Soft Parade (1969)

Indian Summer (1970)

1 year 23 hours ago

I would have to throw in there Love Street and Twentieth Century Fox

1 year 1 day ago

awesome video thanks for sharing

1 year 2 days ago

im with you stoned_immaculate..moonlight drive and waiting for the sun

1 year 2 days ago

My votes would have to include "Take It As It Comes" "Moonlight Drive" "Wintertime Love" "We Could Be So Good Together" "Waiting For The Sun" and of course "Roadhouse Blues!"

1 year 3 days ago

For me it would be LA Woman and Moonlight Drive. Could easily throw in Hello I Love You. I dig the recent remastered version of it.

1 year 3 days ago

the crystal ship and love me two times :)

1 year 3 days ago

The End, Roadhouse Blues & Hello, I Love You!

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