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10 months 9 hours ago in Community

Here we would like to share this two german edition magazines with some nice articles about The Doors. Happy weekend everybody. :-)

Classic Rock Magazine (German edition)
January/February 2012 Nr. 11
April 2013 Nr. 19


9 months 3 weeks ago

yep this weekend
I'll get pictures!
I really stoked about it
its primo!
and that diorama
is awaiting a crafting
not sure I'm up to it
40 years ago
I kind of munched it
I need a origmanist
no no no… not an orgasmist
altho that would be nice too
but a person who knows how to fold paper
take care Bears
till then
Full Circle On !!

9 months 3 weeks ago

Hi Mohs,
Great news, congratulations and of course Enjoy it.
Really happy that you could get it.
I'm really curious about the pictures.
Thanks for letting me know.

9 months 3 weeks ago

scored the Full Circle !
made an offer to the shop owner
pricey- but a bit less
pictures to follow
soon ssoon sssoooon
stay tuned this Doors station

9 months 4 weeks ago

your exactly right!

When I had money it would be in my collection
now I have none
I can’t even leave town
ha ha
so I’m real cautious where I lay down my bucks
maybe next weak pay day
I’ll go in the shop and make an offer
I was talking to an owner of another record shop
they had just sold a Full Circle for 6 bucks
I told her about the diorama
which she didn’t know about
but knew the one she sold didn’t have it included
I mentioned that the other shop
had that that particular album
in primo shape
& her eyes lit up
so I might have just made the album even more pricey
if you get my drift

Thanks Bears!!

9 months 4 weeks ago

Hi Mohs,
Difficult question.
I paid way less for mine but it's not mint and doesn't have the diorama you explained me about.
I think that with collections the price is what you can pay and how much the person who is selling the article is willing to deal the price.
I can't buy expensive pieces but I enjoy buying maybe not so important or mint pieces but that I can afford and I think they are cool.

Have a great week and thanks for your comment.

9 months 4 weeks ago

Hey Bear
your obviously into collectible Doors items
is $35.00 too much money
to pay for a primo Full Circle L.P.?
have an opinion?

9 months 4 weeks ago

Hi Scream of the Butterfly,
Thanks for your comment.
I totally agree with you Jim is much more handsome that the two guys on the cover photo. I would have prefer Jim on the cover but well the articles in the magazines are nice and have some nices photos.

10 months 4 hours ago

Jim was a better lookin' dude than both of em'. I'm a hetero male btw....happy weekend to you too mr & mrs b.

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