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9 months 2 days ago in Community


Here we would like to share a small video that we've made from our full The Doors collection.
We hope you like it.
Have a great day everyone.


8 months 3 weeks ago

Hello Kellebellelovesthedoorsforever and Vadim,

Thanks for your comments.
Happy to read you liked the video.

8 months 3 weeks ago

Ouuh! Russian vinyl, respect! I remember how listened it in the 90`s...

8 months 3 weeks ago

Wow.... amazing collection! Thank you for sharing!

8 months 4 weeks ago

Hello Dannygero,

Thanks for your message. Happy to read that you liked the video too.

We invest quite some time on the collection, it's something really interesting and fun to do.

9 months 26 min ago

Thankyou that is ..... no words for it really.... wow! Well done in your searchers for items. Video done really well to.

9 months 3 hours ago

Hello Amici Shell and Scream of the Butterfly,

Thanks for your comments. Happy to read you liked the video.

In answer to your question Scream of the Butterfly, I've to say it's a difficult one but I will give it a try to answer. From our Lp's I would say that the dutch edition from the soft parade (the drummer boy cover), The Morrison Hotel german edition (with the neon lights logo (live The Doors)) on the cover and for the doble Lp's The acid evangelist and The Doors‎– Bring Out Your Dead (Strange Gods Are Coming) could be good ones on the vinyl department (even when I love them all, of course), about the books the Jim Morrison scrapbook by James Henke and The Doors by Ben Fong-Torres, both books from Frank Lisciandro and Jim Morrison & The Doors by Henry Diltz are really beautiful ones (again it's terrible to try to choose). And for what rest of the pieces I think they're just great in their own right so I won't even try to choose. Thanks for watching the video and a big pleasure to share.

9 months 7 hours ago

Bears, I stand by my earlier Statement. You can no longer refer to your collection as a "small "one! That was incredible! Thanks for sharing.

Curious what some of your favorite pieces are?

9 months 17 hours ago

love it...

9 months 1 day ago

Hello Mohs,

Happy to hear you liked the video.
Good one the comparison with Dylan's video. ;-)
It took some work but it was really fun to do.
Thanks for your comment.

9 months 1 day ago

flipp’n & tripp’n Bears !
reminded me of Dylan
good production
fabulous collection !
lots I haven’t heard
or read !

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