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11 months 3 days ago in Community

Going to L.A. for the first time in June from Ireland, The Whiskey will be a place i will visit for sure, such a historical place, wow the doors the house band, what i wouldn't do to have a time machine :)..has anyone been there and has it changed alot since they played there ?


11 months 1 day ago

thanks very much queenhwy, i will look the tour up, sounds good and will enjoy the trip hopefull, i'll have a beer for you :)

11 months 1 day ago

Be been to L.A. Several times and did the Doors tour a bunch of times also. I've been by the Whisky, but never inside. I stopped out front and got a few quick pictures. Traffic and parking in L.A. is a bitch, so I was limited and had to rush to get pics at certain places. I recommend the Doors tour guide, which you can find online. It is a great time and it was awesome to see Jim Morrison's houses, etc. Enjoy your trip!

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