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1 year 1 month ago in Community

A couple of rarities from my personal collection. The first is a 4 LP (ask your parents) set from 1980-81 which includes interviews with all four members of the group as well as sit downs with Bill Graham of the Fillmore and Alice Cooper. Next up, "Jim Morrison and the Doors" by Mike Jahn, the unauthorized story of the Doors. What makes this book rare is that it was published in 1969, two full years before the death of Jim Morrison.


1 year 1 month ago

There were a few vinyl bootlegs at my local record store I regret
now for not buying but they were $25 each! I bought one later
after the others sold but now I really wish I'd just bough them all.

1 year 1 month ago

i always wanted to be bill graham

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