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1 year 1 day ago in Community

Click below to submit a photo of YOU recreating Jim Morrison's famous "Young Lion" pose. Your photo will be a part of an incredible new photomosaic of the unforgettable picture made up of photos of Doors fans. Details are on the submission page.


12 months 4 days ago

I'm definitely doing this! I'll just put on either a nude or white shirt to cover up. I hope it turns out good :)

1 year 21 min ago

hhahah I thought it would be breast...

1 year 2 hours ago

Well, my submission's done, and yes, Nancy, you might want to sit this one out.

1 year 22 hours ago

So I commented under the wrong post. It was bound to happen. Damn ipad....

1 year 22 hours ago

Good informal interview. I didn't know John had such a sense of humor!

1 year 1 day ago

dont think i can partake in this,,,,it would be a bit risque ;)

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