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8 months 2 weeks ago in Community

the book, “Bank of America of Louisiana”,
is the story of re-appearance on earth
of deceased Hollywood rock star as
Super Hippy disguised as mild minded
Louisiana Banker.

indeed it is a wild book, reportedly written by Jim,
in 1975 at the height of Morrison sightings.
In the tale the narrator (Jim) fools the international
banking system to free up the money flow for all.
soul beats money...every time


8 months 2 weeks ago

like the money roll
really do !!

money beats soul ?

stated sarcastically by Jim ?
in reference to promoters filthy lucre ?

No more money, No more fancy dress,
This other Kingdom seems by far the best

so reverse the words
soul beats money…every time
more in tune
w/Morrison truintent
I believe
soul free
poor grave
I be

8 months 2 weeks ago

But what is money ummmmm do you wonder something green and queen i meant the king but the soul is still your ruler isnt it ? SO YOU'RE RIGHT MY SOUL BEATS MONEY ALL TIME ...

8 months 2 weeks ago

Money beats beats beats money and money beats herds
money beats you n money beats your life
money beats your Lone Herculian strife
Money beats thought money beats your mind
And money beats everything in time.....

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